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Add Agency to CrimePush Application
Include your police department to receive crime reports from the CrimePush application, Citizens of your district will be able to report crimes to your department using the CrimePush app. The GPS location of the citizen directs the report to your police department.

To Add your Agency to the CrimePush application, please contact us Here with your Information.

Customized Mobile Security Application
Customized Security App

CrimePush allows your district or institution to have your very own custom security app to share with your citizns and students.

  • Fully customized security application for your police district or university.
  • Fully branded with name, color, logo, and user interface customizations.
  • Customized crime reporting button options.
  • Text, video, audio, and image reporting.
  • Auto-upgrades.
  • 24/7 customer and technical support.

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